Position on Marriage?  It’s a Contract.

My position is that the state has no place in private contracts, and that a marriage is a private contract.

My concern is that the nation produce laws for individuals and policy for families and this may further reduce the policy bias toward the family as a unit of production and reproduction, and increasingly toward the consumption (hedonism) of individuals – dysgenia.

A marriage creates a corporation in which shareholders pool assets, and it conveys limited power of attorney, to both (or more) shareholders to act on behalf of the other. If prenuptial agreements are adhered to rigidly, and there is no child support or spousal support then I am happy with it.

So my suggestion is to take the Alabama strategy and remove the state from marriage agreements, and let people engage in whatever relations they want.

So I am against state marriage en toto, and fully supportive of any voluntary contract that people wish to enter into. I would be comfortable with polygamy/polyamory evolving. But when I say I believe these things, it’s in the context of freedom of association and disassociation. So if you don’t want to serve polygamists, you don’t have to.

Have We Passed Peak Human?


OMG. What if we have passed ‘peak human’ already? What if it is not possible to improve upon late hunter-gatherer genetics, and that urbanization has produced increasingly aggressive, less intelligent, more impulsive peoples?

What if inbreeding, low IQ, higher aggression, and higher reproduction are a superior evolutionary strategy?

Source: Curt Doolittle

Suicidal Tendencies


Kinship extension is inferior to aggression. Expand or die.

Source: (2) Curt Doolittle

Why Doesn’t Christianity Always Work Everywhere?

Well it does really. You can see that everywhere it’s adopted. You will get a better economy. Period. When Christians leave, the economy will get worse. Period.

But incentives are incentives are incentives. So non-european countries have serious impediments to high trust.

1) Authoritarian political orders evolved from dispute resolution such as the irrigation areas of Egypt, Mesopotamia and China.

2) Lack of advanced economies promoting ‘everyone is a customer’ – often in the same places.

4) Diversity and competition too great to overcome. (Levant, Central Asia, Arabia.)

3) Inbreeding and tribal marriage inhibit development of ‘everyone a potential mate, and everyone a potential customer’.

5) Genetic predisposition that evolved under higher selection pressures (group selection rather than individual selection via mating).

(h/t paul)

Source: (2) Curt Doolittle

Explained: The Christian Idea

The Christian idea is to create high trust by extending kinship ‘love’ to non-kin, by ignoring our animal impulses evolved for status competition and accumulation, thereby reducing the friction of familism, clannishness and tribalism, and increasing the velocity of cooperation.

By attributing status to the extension of kinship love to non-kin, Christian groups eliminate the possibility of gaining status by ‘cheating’ in favor of the family or tribe. Although this means that many Mediterranean Catholics practice low trust chirstianity by retaining familial insurance and kin selection. While protestant Christians eliminate even familial insurance via the absolute nuclear family.

This behavior is necessary for the development of an advanced economy. And it separates the west and Japan from the rest.

This high trust behavior is also the opposite of the Levantine religions which advocate dualist, polylogical ethics by exacerbating kin selection at the tribal level even while eliminating it at the familial level. So we can see lowest-trust Islam, next-lowest trust Judaism, low trust catholicism, and high trust Protestantism. And when we order them this way we see that this order reflects the number of territorial competitors.

It is also (probably) true that westerners are less genetically biased against outsiders (due to more circumpolar hunter-gatherer evolutionary pressures) and less aggressive (lower testosterone) and more able to take advantage of it (higher average verbal IQ).

But all that means is that westerners are more fertile genetic ground for extension of kinship love to non-kin.

The church outlawing cousin marriage in order to break up the great families was equally influential.

So it is one thing to acknowledge the central subtle principle of Christianity, and to grasp its dramatic economic and political benefits, and quite another to conflate the dogma, rules and justifications as other than primitive law.


Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

Source: Curt Doolittle

The Law Evolves as Science Evolves: By Reaction

All progress in truth, like all progress in law, is a reaction to progress in imagination, error, bias, deception and propaganda. The reason we could not suppress the left, is because we did not yet understand Truth. Now that we understand Truth, we can criticize, suppress and punish the left as the liars and thieves that they are.

Five Axis of Intertemporal Production

(from elsewhere)

There are five necessary axis of inter-temporal production:

1) The individual, the family, and the church (the production of generations)
2) The partnership, the corporation, the bank, the treasury. (The production of goods and services.
3) The local government, state government, and the federal government. (the production of commons)
4) The judiciary (the resolution of disputes)
5) The Militia and the Military (the preservation of the monopoly rules of order, allocations of property, and commons.)

Our founders, as innovators, lacked sufficient understanding how to safeguard each – because they could not imagine the future so radically different after 1830, and particularly after 1914.

Tolerance as Conspicuous Consumption

Sorry, but there are a whole lot of very bad people in this world. And a goodly part of our time is spent so that we never have to interact with, meet, see, or be aware of them. All human life is not precious. Some humans are merely a drain on us. But others are a daily threat to us. And letting them live is merely a form of conspicuous consumption.

Source: Curt Doolittle – Sorry, but there are a whole lot of very bad…

Propertarianism’s Family Tree


Revolution Requires Only That We Abandon All Hope

All hope that an aristocratic civilization is desirable for other than the middle class.

And that the classical liberal experiment, and the enlightenment vision of equality and universal aristocracy, failed.

Free your mind. Abandon the rational fallacy as we abandoned mysticism.

Abandon hope for democracy: it’s suitable only for northern European families with thousands of years of evolution behind them.

Join the scientific revolution.

And take up arms.

And save the aristocratic egalitarian truth-telling, high trust civilization.

We are mankind’s aristocracy.

We cannot let our proles and women deprive mankind of our leadership.