Traditionalists Will Fail. But We Can Still Succeed

Conservatism, has failed because the enlightenment fallacy of an aristocracy of everyone could never come into being. Darwin put an end to it. We tried to turn our ancient aristocratic ethics into social science, but the european civil war exterminated Germany, where all our conservative aristocratic thought originated. Then the left created a pseudoscience to replace religion (Marx, Boaz, Freud, Cantor, Mises, Frankfurt School, Heidegger). And the neo-Puritains created pseudo-morality(victimism, feminism, progressivism, propaganda, relativism, and individualism).

Since then, we have failed to convert our institutions, traditions, myths and rituals, into a rational and scientific set of arguments. Every single libertarian and conservative movement has failed. The only progress we have made is in producing our own propaganda systems (think tanks, radio-stations, network news, and web sites). And from these we still maintain power.

I am working very hard to complete the neo-reactionary movement, and to convert our ancient traditions into a rational and scientific set of arguments.

And I will tell you, with absolute certainty, that the reason for our western success – our rate of evolution compared to each competing civilization – is due to our discovery of testimonial truth, our near total requirement for truth telling, the jury, independent judiciary, common law, rule of law, and the heroic literature. And that the only value the church added, and still continues to add, is in breaking family and tribal bonds by prohibiting inbreeding (cousin marriage), and extending private property rights to women, and in threatening the aristocracy with revolution if they resist natural law (rule of law, property rights), and the invention of the university.

And that aside from those four functions, the church has been a negative force for us. Because it is the destructive christian universalist sentiments that have been used by the neo-puritans (the christian left), and the socialists (the jewish left), via academy, school, state, and media, to sway us to suicidal self destruction using propaganda. (The west’s original religion is Stoicism – an action oriented equivalent of an inaction-oriented buddhism. and it is very close to what is practiced in secular Germany today.)

The answer is not to restore myth and mysticism. They have conquered us with comforting lies to our less able. It is not up to us to learn to lie, or to restore lying by analogy as well. That is counter to the reason the west excelled compared to all other civilizations: truth telling.

Our only chance for our western civilization to survive is to restore its original premise: heroism, truth telling, the jury, the common (organic) law, independent judiciary, universal standing, property rights, and to institute the physical, normative, and informational commons as property all are required to, and able to defend. Our origins are in Athens and Sparta, London and Koenigsberg, not Jerusalem and babylon.

One need not ‘believe’ in law. One need only let law and truth telling do its work. One need not lie using mysticism. Truth, property and law are enough. One does not need foreign myths. Homer, Alexander, Aristotle, Aurelius, Smith, Hume, Jefferson, Hayek, and the thousands of other heroes in the western cannon are enough.

Because, Truth is enough.

If we only will use violence to demand it.

Aristocracy uses organized violence to prohibit tyranny, not deceit and consensus.

There is no more truthful action than violence.

Curt Doolittle 
The Propertarian Institute 
Kiev Ukraine

The Evolution of Suppression of Free Riding


1) Higher Income reduces opportunity costs and risk (liberalism). Lower income increases opportunity cost and risk(conservatism).

2) Economic velocity is produced by the centralization of rents, which lowers local (productive) transaction costs at the expense of high total cost (taxation).

3) Once rents are centralized, we seek to obtain or privatize (redistribute) those rents (economic liberalism) through enfranchisement.

4) In a perfect world we seek to eliminate those rents (anglo classical liberalism).

5) But the diversity of ability leads to class warfare since meritocracy is valuable only to a minority, and rents, and parasitismare beneficial to the majority..

6) In a perfect world we pay the less able, parasitic, and rent seeking minority directly for the maintenance of the meritocratic commons, and thereby circumvent the parasitism of the bureaucratic, and political classes. And perhaps more importantly, prevent the misallocation of capital.

7) To accomplish this perfect world requires we develop institutions that allow us to produce commons, and pay people for producing those commons: meritocracy included.


X-Axis: Equalitarian/Socialist-Compromise/Social Democracy – Meritocratic/Classical Liberal Monarchy.
Y-Axis: Totalitarian- Democratic – Anarchic
Z-Axis: Wealth (elimination of transaction costs by the suppression of free riding)

Suppression of parasitism comes first. Centralize it to eliminate it locally. Then outlaw it, and eliminate it from the central bureaucracy. Economic velocity is determined by the suppression of free riding in all its forms at all levels in the polity.

(Read Emmanuel Todd’s Invention of Europe. Ricardo Duchsene’s Uniqueness of the West, Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty, Hoppe’s Democracy the God that Failed, and follow my humble efforts.)


Capitalism and the Capitalist System?

All Social, economic and political orders require: 

(1) The suppression of predation and parasitism,
(2) the establishment of an allocation of property,
(3) a construction of a means of resolving disputes, and;
(4) a means by of organization of production.

Totalitarian: It can be organized involuntarily: the elimination of private property, planning and slavery in many of its forms.

Capitalist: It can be organized voluntarily by the use of private property, money, and prices.

Mixed: It can be organized by a mix of private property, money, and prices, and the totalitarian construction of commons. (Which is what we do today). 

A market forms under any condition in which goods are constructed for the purpose of exchange. 

The Demographics of Gun Ownership


The Correlative Answer: Part 1: Social Structure
Northern Europeans above the Hanjal Line (The North Sea Peoples who successfully out-bred) sometimes referred to as the Protestant Peoples) retain an ancient set of traditions requiring all men to obtain legitimacy and honor (equal status) through participation in the militia, and the purpose of the militia is to deny all men power over all other men. This is preserved most strongly in the anglos dutch and less so in the germans, who were anglicized.

The Causal Answer: Part 2 Tradition
There are a small number of underlying heroic traditions that carry the western Aristocratic (meritocratic) Egalitarian (enfranchisement to all who fight) tradition – and that tradition is the cause of the rapid rate of western development compared to all other civilizations, both in the ancient, and modern eras. These are:
1) Heroism (purchase of enfranchisement and status through sacrifice)
2) All property is private (all property is earned)
3) Every man is his own legislator over his domain.
4) The common law and independent judiciary permit the resolution of differences between equals without appeal to authority.
5) The rule of law, the common law (organic law, natural law) applies to all men equally. 
6) Hierarchy is necessary for decision making in war, the resolution of conflicts, and for the suppression of free riding.

The value in this structure is that the common law can evolve with the first judicial ruling, and therefore both transaction cost and risk are reduced, and the chance of free riding, parasitism, fraud and predation are eliminated before they can be institutionalized. The market for law suppresses parasitism as fast as innovations in parasitism are created. In turn, innovation in products, services and ideas can progress with the least resistance from predators. Costs: The consequence for the underclasses is that while they benefit from the rapid innovation, they are more aware of the difference between those who are less productive and those who are are more so.

The Causal Answer: Part 3 : Incentives
As population destiny increases, all effects increase by approximately 20% for every doubling of the population. 
The incentives for people in rural areas where all men bear a high cost of policing the commons, is more restrictive than the incentives for people in urban areas where few bear the cost of policing the commons.

In general, people in areas of dense population discount the cost of policing commons and norms because opportunity, transaction and policing costs are lower.

The Causal Answer Part 4: Diversity.
Diversity decreases trust, increases political divisiveness and decreases economic velocity. Urban areas can afford immigrating diversity. Rural areas cannot.

It’s all rational really.

The effort to expand ownership has been successful and once people have limited skill with, and ownership of guns, it tends to transfer like all traditions between families.

The greater the effort to suppress gun ownership the greater the passion with which gun owners preserve the tradition.

We have roughly tripled gun sales under this administration. Demographically the argument is over and the pro gun movement has won. (surprisingly)

The supreme court has learned a tragic lesson from Roe v Wade: that the court should not solve social matters until they are first resolved by the states. That decision has nearly destroyed the court. “The Democratic Process Must Do Its Work” is the phrase we hear from the court.

The general consensus is that we have a problem controlling mental illness, and urban poverty, and not a problem with firearms.

So as far as I understand, the matter is settled for at least the next generation.

The Operational Revolution

(important piece)

One can describe events subjectively (how we feel about them); 
one can describe them objectively (how we observe others), and;
one can describe them operationally (by the actions taken).

One of the most useful methods of overloading, framing, and loading is to describe a process subjectively. Hence why physical scientists write operationally, why mathematics requires the test of intuitionism, and why psychology requires the test of Operationism; and why in economics (cooperation), we write in human actions.

The chief innovation of the left was to legitimize the pseudoscience of psychology for the purpose of loading, framing, and overloading. Postmodernism and propaganda are the ultimate achievement of the technology of ‘lying’.

– If we see myth as an attempt to convey truths. We can see monotheism as the organized development of lying by loading, framing and overloading.

– if we see reason as an attempt to convey truths. We can see philosophy as the organized development of lying by loading, framing and overloading.

– If we see empiricism as an attempt to convey truths, we can see rational philosophy as an organized development of lying by loading, framing and overloading.

– If we see the darwinian scientific revolution as an attempt to convey truths, we can see the psueudoscientific revolution as an organized development of lying by loading, framing, and overloading.

– If we see the logical revolution (analytic philosophY) as an attempt to convey truths, we can see the postmodern revolution as an organized development of lying by loading, framing and overloading.

– If we see the (Failed) operational revolution:
– intuitionism in mathematics 
– operationalism in physics
– strict construction in law.
– operationism in psychology.
– praxeology in economics.
– e-prime in language
– performative truth in philosophy
we can also see the the development of the academy since its seizure by the left, public intellectuals prior to the conservative 1980 movement, the media prior to the fox news and drudgereport movement, as a means of preventing the completion of the operational revolution.

We are defending truth but liars compete with us. They compete with us because we tolerate their competition. Lying and parasitism and immorality in all its forms are just thefts from the commons.

I can fix all of this even if I cannot alone, distribute the technology for defeating liars. The only means of defeat is the common law, the informational commons, universal standing, and the mandate for warranty of all public speech.

They will simply invent a new method of lying. However, we will have the tools to constrain them for centuries I suspect.

Curt Doolittle 
The Propertarian Institute 
Kiev, Ukraine

The New Reconstruction of British and North Sea History

One of the great civilizations of human pre-history. A center not an outlier.

Reincarnation. An underworld. Oak Trees Planted Upside down. 
The Hearth. Homes built around hearths. Stone circles built around homes. 
Feats of public engineering. A bronze age industrial revolution. 
The intentional destruction of our Priest-Judges and our civilization by Rome.
The consequent destruction of our entire european religion (civilization) by Justinian.
There was no Celtic conquests. There were no anglo-saxon conquests. There were no Viking conquests. There was even limited norman conquest. We see cultural adoption of British civilization on the continent, then after conquest by Rome and the destruction fo the druids, adoption of roman status signals and culture. Then after the departure of Rome, the adoption of north sea Scandinavian signals and culture. 
Bede’s Justification of the Church and the Fabrication of Primitivism of the British peoples. It was a lie.

We had liberty in pre-history: rule of law and an independent judiciary in prehistory.
The north sea peoples were constantly trading and inbreeding. 
The use of flint was eliminated by the oversupply of bronze tools. 
We were cut off at the knees by Romans, not civilized by them. 
We were enslaved into hierarchy by the church, not civilized by it.
Yet with the reintroduction of pagan thought (greek) we restored our civilization in but a few hundred years, and again produced an industrial revolution.

As far as I can tell, we never developed centralized government and taxation, so we did not develop inventories and writing. That is because we never had to construct irrigation or armies. We would only have developed writing if we had expanded commerce sufficiently to require inventories and contracts. But we did not get the chance. Romans killed our civilization. Bede and the church lied to us to pretend they had civilized us.

The Americans tried to restore our ancient civilization. But the Louisiana purchase and the failure to divide north and south into separate nations by aggressive conquest by the north, repeated the process.

Knowledge is power.

We can restore our northern European civilization.

No state. Rule of Law. Professional, devoted, judiciary. Private property. Militia. Universal standing. And civic construction of commons.


Is Philosophy Empty?

I can answer this question I think, as well or better than anyone living.  (Despite the obscurant framing of the question.)

1) Rationalism and justification were dead ends. Theory and criticism have replaced rationalism and justification. We can justify contract, and therefore moral action, but we cannot justify truth. We can construct proofs of internal consistency, but never justification. 

2) As far as I know the analytic method survives as a form of well-structuring our criticism, but the promise of analytic philosophy was a dead end: it’s entirely tautological.

3) We can theorize by whatever means we choose, from unstructured free association to formal deduction. But theories must survive criticism. Philosophy remains an exceptional vehicle for theorizing while reducing errors. Therefore as a means of criticism philosophy is not empty.

4) While, in philosophy, we have constructed: 
(a) the logic of identity 
(b) the logic of naming (including counting)
(c) the logic of ratios (mathematics)
(d) the logic of causality (physics)
(e) the logic of language (‘logic as we use it’);

we failed to complete:
(f) the logic of existence (operationalism/operatio­nism/intuitionism/action­/e-prime)
(g) the logic of cooperation (morality)
(h) the logic of completeness (full accounting)
(i) that truth must be testimonial (performed), and that all other use of analogy to testimonial truth, is an a subset of testimonial truth, limited to properties of the logic we use for criticism (a thru g).

As far ask I know (and I work on this problem) can be completed since at present I am fairly confident that the logics of existence and cooperation, and the definition of truth have been solved. This means that philosophy is not empty, just that it took us a very long time to grasp its function as critical: most likely because moral argument is justificationary, and truth and morality are very different things. 

– Cheers

Raise The Cost Of Tyranny Through Violence

The only way to obtain liberty is to raise the cost of tyranny, just as the only means of constructing property is to raise the cost of parasitism.

We can raise costs by a) gossip – meaning shaming, b) economic ostracization – meaning boycott, and c) violence.

a) does not work for obvious reasons – the incentives to act as a parasite are superior under redistributive government.

b) does not work, since we are actively prohibited by law from ostracization and separatism.

Therefore (c) violence, is our only choice. Since even with small numbers we can dramatically raise the cost of parasitism upon us, and the destruction of our family and civilization.

Thankfully, at no time in human history, save perhaps during the sea people’s period, has civilizatino been so fragile.

It is the easiest period in which we can restore our liberty.

Or lose it forever.

The First Question of Ethics Is The Rationality of Cooperation

The first question of ethics is why do I not kill you and take your stuff. 

The ritual of setting aside this question in order to enter into debate has been lost through the ages. And common interest conveniently assumed as the starting point, rather than the necessity of choice between cooperation, parasitism, and predation. If we assume cooperation this is a fallacy.  Cooperation itself must be valued higher than non-cooperation.

Instead, why do I not kill you? What are the minimum criterion for cooperation under which not-killing you is advantageous? 

Certainly it is not rational to permit violence or theft. Certainly not deceit. Certainly not the imposition of costs. Certainly not danger to my kith and kin.

Certainly not at an expense to my kith and kin (( Literally, albeit archaically, friends (“kith”) and family (“kin”). )).

If We Punish Lying As Aggression Then That is Enough

—“We have to punish liars. Suppressing lying the way we suppress aggression is probably enough.”— Roman Skaskiw