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Islam vs Protestant (Germanicized) Christianity

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Islam is a more aggressive evolutionary strategy. In that sense it is a superior competitive strategy. That does not mean it produces a superior mankind. It mereley means it is more competitive.

1) hatred is proscribed / hatred is prohibited
2) punishment is prescribed / punishment is prohibited
3) lies are permissible / lies are not permissible
4) dual ethics / universal ethics
5) respect a given / respect earned by actions.
6) knowledge is fixed / knowledge evolves
7) intolerance is required / intolerance is prohibited
8) inbreeding is promoted / inbreeding is prohibited
9) produces low trust societies / produces high trust societies
10) produces ignorance and poverty / produces knowledge and prosperity.
(….this list goes on forever)

But, I don’t think of it as most folks do because I don’t rely on introspection. 

I just look at the epistemic properties of each body of thought and I Compare their abilities to produce a high trust society and it’s corresponding innovation and wealth.

The First Principles of Propertarian Ethics

Monday, June 29th, 2015


1 – Man must acquire resources.
2 – Man must act to acquire resources.
3 – Man must act cooperatively to disproportionately improve acquisition of resources.
4 – Man must act to preserve and extend cooperation to preserve the disproportionate rewards of acquisition through cooperation.
5 – Man acts to preserve and extend cooperation by the suppression of parasitism that creates the disincentive to cooperate, and therefore decreases the disproportionate rewards of acquisition through cooperation.
6 – Man conducts parasitism by violence, theft, fraud, fraud by obscurantism, fraud by moralizing,  fraud by omission, externality, free riding, privatization of commons, socialization of losses, conspiracy, conversion, immigration, conquest, war and genocide.
7 – Man suppresses parasitism by threats of interpersonal violence, promises of interpersonal violence, interpersonal violence, interpersonal ostracization from cooperation, organized ostracization via norms and commerce, when he must by remuneration, and when he can by organized violence in law and war.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

The Church Amplified Western Civilization. It Did Not Create It.

Monday, June 29th, 2015

The Church federalized the Aristocracy into The Christian Monarchies. And the Church amplified our hunter-gatherer lack of aggression. But that is very different from saying that the Church created western civilization. The Church was an amplifier, not a creator. The Church did good – but it has done both damage and good. And the enlightenment failed to overcome that damage. Our generation’s objective is to overcome the failure of the enlightenment, and overcome the damage of the church, and overcome the damage of the state that cast itself as a replacement for the church.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine


Aristocratic Egalitarianism

Monday, June 29th, 2015

To say that European Aristocracy is Egalitarian is somewhat of a tautology.  An aristocracy requires numbers, and has an interest in creating large numbers in a hierarchy of aristocratic peers.  So aristocracy is egalitarian – open to meritocratic entry.

Sorry: Propertarianism is an Amoral and Objective Language – And That Can Be Emotionally Unsatisfying.

Monday, June 29th, 2015

I know that you want to feel emotionally vindicated, and that you want to vent your frustrations when conducting an argument, but the fact of the matter is Propertarianism and Testimonialism are constructed amorally (( amoral adjective “not involving questions of right or wrong; without moral quality; neither moral nor immoral.” )) so that all moral propositions can be objectively described, and all moral questions are objectively decidable.

Propertarianism(ethics) and Testimonialism (epistemology) let you construct and win arguments wherein the other party is using various means of deception in order to obscure their advocacy for thefts.

So, assuming you’re right (and conservatives are usually right, even if argumentatively incompetent) then using Testimonialism and Propertarianism will allow you to win arguments.

But unlike simple (cheap) quips, they are expensive arguments to construct and require that you have a bit of skill.

And if that isn’t enough. Well. You don’t have reason to feel good, or to win.  We leave that to the liars and theives.

Inequality is a Good

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Inequality is a good. In evolves man. Invention is a good. In increases our ability to consume. If we were all equal, we would have nothing to trade. And we would be poor. As are extant people who are in practice equal. To create an economy to sustain man we must create equality constantly. To create humans that evolve man, we must create equality constantly. Equality = stasis = extinction.


Definition of Class: Reproductive Value

Monday, June 29th, 2015

(profound) (complete decidability) (objective morality) 

Social class refers a rough division of humans into a distribution by their reproductive value. There is a competition between the classes, as there is a competition between all living organisms – and there must be for evolution continue and the species to persist. The competition between the classes is dysgenic at the bottom and eugenic at the top. In other words, classes are the result of evolution in action. And the question of whether an action is eugenic or dysgenic provides us with complete moral decidability in the broadest possible ethical and moral questions facing mankind. There are no moral dilemmas.  There are no morally undecidable questions.  

It’s just anti-monotheistic, anti-democratic, anti-dysgenic to say so.

But then, I don’t get to say nice things. My job is true things.

Or isn’t that the function of philosophy?

Blood For The Tree Of Liberty

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

If you don’t feed the tree of liberty frequently, then you must infrequently feed it a lot.

Thus endeth the lesson.

(Aristocratic Egalitarianism.)

Mankind, Civilization, Culture, Society, Family, Individual

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Been trying to work on constructing Propertarian definitions for these terms. Ran across this gem, that is very, very close.

—“Civilization is fundamentally a cultural infrastructure of information and knowledge that serves survival and continuity. What distinguishes a civilization from a culture is that this infrastructure, having reached a critical level of complexity, becomes autonomous from constituent cities, nations, and empires. In ordinary cultures, the passing of information and knowledge may depend upon imitation or oral communication; in civilizations, this cultural memory, etched into clay or drawn into papyrus, takes on a life of its own”— (Andrew Bosworth, “The Genetics of Civilization: An Empirical Classification of Civilizations Based on Writing Systems, Comparative Civilizations Review, 2003, 49:9).

What You Do With “Smart” Matters A Lot

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

You can invest your neuronal development in increasing the explanatory power of very narrow concepts, or invest your neuronal development in increasing the explanatory power of very broad concepts.

There are THREE reasons why we produce many very smart people in narrow niches, and very few very smart people in broad concepts.

1) First, the return on narrow specializations is cheaper and quicker, and the return on broad specializations is very expensive and takes much, much, longer – if any returns exist at all. It’s very difficult to produce a Toynbee or a Durant.

2) Second, our education and our economies are organized to produce craftsmen for the industrial era – specialists, made possible and necessary by the entry of proles into the labor force, made possible by the harnessing of hydrocarbons.

3) Third, our education system no longer produces aristocratic learning for aristocrats who must govern. Even our aristocratic universities (religious schools) teach the religion of the proles (equality, democracy, pseudoscience, and deception). Instead of teaching politics, ethics, morality, finance and law, so that we may rationally organize our production and rationally adjudicate our differences, with the least risk, loss, and friction in both production and adjudication.

So I am daily saddened by the tragedy of the many very smart people I meet who fail to produce their potential, and the many proles who fail by attempting to exceed their capabilities and capacities – due to the false promises of their priesthood.

The only choice one has is independent study: to read. By reading ‘know thyself’. By knowing thyself (relative to the abilities of others) to find a niche to profit from, and to gain wisdom to understand the broader arena of human affairs.

It is very easy to choose between that which is good to read, and that which is not: read the works of aristocracy. They are scientific in that they were empirical. They are the only equals man has made.

See “The Importance of Being Well Read No Matter What Your IQ”.…/the-purpose-of-being-well…/

BECAUSE YOUR PRIESTHOOD: YOU ACADEMICS, PUBLIC INTELLECTUALS AND TEACHERS FAILED YOU – and they failed you in pursuit of selfish money and power.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine